Course Tour

1st Hole
        This is a 317 yard par 4 dogleg right that requires a straight tee shot up into the neck leaving you with a short iron to the green. Trees to the right and left side of the fairway can be menacing. The big hitters like to take it over the corner hoping to see an eagle putt awaiting them when they get to the green. A failed effort at this could easily lead to a double bogey. Two green side bunkers welcome missed hit shots into the green.

2nd Hole
This 165 yard par 3 provides you with a good  birdie opportunity.
Nothing in the way in front 
 of the green and bunkers on the left and right but watch out for Club House Drive on the left. On or over the road is “Out of Bounds”.

3rd Hole
A 343 yard par 4 slight dogleg right that can punish you if you miss the fairway.
The small green bunkered on both sides is tough to hit. Par makes you feel good on the journey to the 4th tee.
4th Hole

     Here’s a 460 yard par 5 that is an easy birdie if you can bomb it over a 20 foot deep ravine that requires a 225 carry off the tee. Other than that, the straight ball is a premium on this hole. A big number can easily find its way on the score card if you’re not careful.


5th Hole

The number 1 handicap hole and deservedly so. It takes two of your finest to hit this 439 yard par 4 in regulation. A bogey here shouldn’t disappoint you. Just put it on the card and meander on.

6th Hole
164 yard par 3 that hosts the shallowest green at Riverside. The green is guarded by water and a bunker in front. Shots that trickle off the back find yet another bunker. Make par here and give yourself a big ole "ATABOY."

7th Hole
A straight away 393 yard par 4 with fairway bunkers strategically positioned on the left and right that will gather errant tee shots. A narrow 2-tier green presents
a challenge to players of all levels. Anything on the green above the hole will put odds in favor of the dreaded 3-putt.

8th Hole

Very eye appealing from the tee, this 368 yard par 4 presents a good birdie opportunity. A bit of a dogleg right sets up nicely for the left to right player and a large undulating green is extremely receptive for the good iron player. If you got off to a shaky start, here's where you can turn it around.

9th Hole
When all you need is par to break 40, this 395 yard par 4 is not necessarily the hole you would hope for. A crisply hit tee shot with a slight draw is what you want to pull out of the bag here. This will leave you with an approach to an elevated green and now all you have to do is 2-putt. Just take your time and carefully complete your mission.

10th Hole
A fairy easy start to the back nine if you can keep it between the lines. It's a mere 324 yard part 4 that's uphill off the tee often leaving you with a short iron into a small green. The big hitters are thinking "3" here from the start.

11th Hole

    Extremely picturesque from an elevated tee, this 361 yard par 4 is a “what you see is what you get” type of hole. Just be sure to hit enough club into the green to avoid the large menacing bunker that guards the front.

12th Hole

    Our signature hole! This 169 yard par 3 is simply beautiful with a  green complex completely surrounded by water except for a narrow  access path. All you need is one good shot here. The alternative…the drop area.

13th Hole

This 374 yard par 4 dogleg left is a birdie opportunity. A good tee shot will leave you with a short to middle iron into a large receptive green. Those that try to cut  too much off will often find the hazard that runs all the way down the left side. Play it too safe and you’ll find the fairway bunker that guards the right.

14th Hole

Grip it and rip it off the tee at this 503 yard slight dogleg right par 5. Now it’s time to make the big decision…should I go for it or not? Several eagles have been made here but a failed attempt will most likely find a watery grave.


15th Hole

This last par 3 provides you with 166 yards to the large green with bunkers
to the left and right. Caution!! Keep it below the hole if you want to make
the easy par of perhaps birdie. Downhill putts have a tendency to
 slip away from you if you’re not careful.

16th  Hole

Here you have an uphill 355 par 4 with fairway bunkers guarding the right and left side. If you haven’t made a birdie yet, this is probably your last chance. Two deep breaths, two good shots, and on good putt and post it.

17th Hole

Trees on the left and woods on the right get your attention while standing on
 the tee. If you can stripe your driver down the middle, you’re left with an 
uphill short iron to a large green bunkered on both sides. 
You don’t want to go long here!

18th Hole

A great 459 yard par 4 finishing hole that features thick intimidating woods on both sides of the fairway. In the words of the legendary Harvey Penick, you need to “Take Dead Aim”. Finding the fairway off the tee is a premium but you’ll still need your Sunday best to get home in two. Make par or birdie here and you’ll be looking at your watch to see if there’s enough time for another 18!

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